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Adult Planners

It’s a planner … it’s a to-do list … it’s a notebook … actually it’s all 3!

If a traditional "planner" doesn't work for you, this may be just what you're looking for. 

This planner/organizer/notebook hybrid was designed for busy people who need to help focusing on what's happening this week - not next month or 6 months from now. Sure, that's important. And like me, I'm sure you have all of those things already added to an online calendar that you manage on your phone or computer. 

But what about today? Did you remember to call the dentist? What about the carpool schedule? Ordinary, daily things can easily slip our minds when focusing on the bigger picture. This organizer serves as a daily planner/agenda book, daily to-do list, and includes 52 sheets of lined notebook paper for meetings, calls, etc. Now there's one less thing to forget!


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