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ADHD/Executive Function Support Middle/High School Planners

For neurodivergent kids, traditional planners don't work.

Banana Planners are designed for kids whose beautiful brains work differently.

Even older children with lagging executive function skills need extra support to stay organized at school — possibly more than elementary aged children. With multiple teachers, extracurriculars and a budding social life, kids in middle and high school can easily get behind without a system to help them stay on track.


The Banana Planner for middle/high school students clearly defines for homework, days of tests and quizzes, and tackles the dreaded Sunday night meltdown over a forgotten project or assignment due Monday morning (been there, done that. It's not pretty). The daily parent signature space is a way for parents to check in, while still ultimately leaving the responsibility up to the child to show them. *Tip: using an incentive for a full week/month, etc. of parent signatures is a great way to encourage your child to use the planner daily. At Banana Planners, we're not above bribing. 

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