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  • Are these planners only for students with ADHD?
    Absolutely not! These planners are for anyone who prefers (or requires) a more straightforward approach to schoolwork and school-related task management.
  • Why aren’t the dates filled in?
    By writing the date themself, the student is more likely to acknowledge the date rather than skipping past the pre-filled date. Also, there are times when students get off track, especially those with ADHD and other executive function struggles. With blank dates, the student can pick up where they left off and not feel embarrassed seeing all the empty pages they missed.
  • Why the Bananas?
    This is my inspiration for these planners, AKA "Mr. Banana" himself.
  • Do you plan to make a planner for college students or adults?
    Lots in the works .... stay tuned! Suggestions are welcome on Facebook or Instagram.
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