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Banana Planners

They say necessity is the mother of invention. Well, I’m the mother of two lovely boys who struggle with organization. For one of my children especially, staying on task with homework and projects was an absolute nightmare. He had a school-assigned planner, but it wasn’t working for him (or his parents!). I took a look at the planner and realized that it wasn’t made for children with neurodivergent minds, especially those with ADHD, ASD, Dysgraphia, or anyone who struggles with executive function and organization.


While it had the basic elements of any planner, it didn’t give appropriate prompts for helping support the skills they haven’t quite mastered yet, such as forward thinking. How many times has your child written down a homework assignment, only to not have brought the book home? Or my personal favorite, not handing in completed homework. It can be extremely frustrating to see missing assignments in your child’s grades, then find the homework sitting in their backpack for weeks. Or better yet, not finding it at all because like many things with my children, it disappeared into The Nether (yes, that’s a Minecraft reference).


Once I figured out what was lacking with the existing planner, I scoured the internet for a planner that would work for him to no avail. Then I went to work and made one. With the support of his teacher, we put the first ever Banana Planner into action. Within weeks, we saw a huge improvement in the materials coming home, as well as the homework getting turned in. But more importantly, his confidence got a boost from all the positive feedback from home and his teacher. Hint: we also added an incentive for a completed planner each week in the form of M&Ms. I’m not above bribing.


I want to add that I am not a mental health or medical professional in any way, shape or form. I’m a mom who found something that works and wanted to make it available to other parents and caregivers.

I hope what I've made with love for my family has a positive impact on yours!

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