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This 4-subject planner layout is designed for those students needing the most daily executive function support. Ideal for students learning to use a planner for the first time, the layout focuses only on the most important aspects of the school-to-home connection. 


This clean and simple daily layout uses the following elements to walk students through the tasks and reminders that often get missed by children with executive function struggles:


Blank Dates

Why? by writing the date themself, the student is more likely to acknowledge the date rather than skipping past the pre-filled date.


Also, there are times when students get off track, especially those with ADHD and other executive function struggles. With blank dates, the student can pick up where they left off and not feel embarrassed seeing all the empty pages they missed.

Large Writing Spaces

Ideal for those students who struggle with handwriting.


Detailed Homework Reminder

If completed work is not getting turned in, this space reminds them to turn work in right away. The numbered checklist gives students a visual representation of those assignments.


What it doesn't have:

  • Distracting fonts and graphics
  • Areas for doodling or drawing
  • Jokes, quotes or games
  • Educational support materials such as math facts and sight words



For children who struggle with organization and focus, those "fun" parts of other planners can detract from the purpose of the planner — to stay on task with school work. There are plenty of other places they can (and likely will) doodle. It shouldn't be in their planner.


Elementary Intensive Daily Planner (Rainbow Tie Dye)

  • 8.5 x 11

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